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Pen Pals

ADM Animal Nutrition Pen Pals Chicken Feeds are formulated to allow birds to efficiently develop strong, healthy bodies permitting maximum egg and meat production after maturity has been reached. Proven Performance from start to finish!

Chicken Feed Starter-Grower

Chicken Starter-Grower is a highly digestible, 18% protein, 3% fat, complete feed formulated for starting and growing pullets and cockerels. It contains high-quality grain sources, multiple protein sources, and needed minerals and vitamins for efficient growth. This feed is medicated with amprolium and bacitracin to promote growth, efficient feed conversion, and to prevent coccidiosis. The crumble form encourages consumption in the critical early growth and development stage.

Egg Maker Complete

Egg Maker Complete is designed to meet the complete nutritional needs of domestic layers in production. No additional grain, protein, mineral, or vitamin sources are needed. It is a 16% protein, 3% fat pelleted feed to support maximum egg production.

Egg Maker Balancer

Egg Maker Balancer is a supplement for laying hens. It is formulated to balance the hen’s nutritional needs when fed 50:50 with good-quality scratch grains and free-choice oyster shell. Egg Maker Balancer provides 20% protein, 3% fat, and the necessary minerals and vitamins to support maximum egg production

Meat Maker

Meat Maker is an all-in-one feed specifically designed to produce fast growing, healthy meat birds (broilers, turkeys, ducks, and geese) at maximum efficiency. No additional grain, protein, mineral, or vitamin sources are needed.

Scratch Grains

Scratch grains are designed to be fed with poultry supplements to make complete rations for laying hens and meat birds. Scratch grains are comprised of a loose mixture of coarsely cracked corn and whole grains. It is an ideal product to use with Egg Maker Balancer in a 1:1 ratio along with free-choice oyster shell for laying hens.





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