Purina Horse Feed

We are your trusted source for Iowa Purina Horse Feed. Purina horse feed and supplements start with state-of-the-art research and high-quality ingredients, which means you only get the best. Find the right one for your horse.


  • Professional Formula GX: Convenient, balanced nutrition for every horse in your barn at every life stage, from growing to breeding, from recreation to performing.
  • Healthy Edge: For a shiny coat, full body condition and strong hooves, without the added calories that can make easy keepers obese.


  • Junior: A complete feed with controlled nutrition to give young, growing horses a strong head start.
  • Adult: Complete, controlled nutrition for active pleasure horses.
  • Senior Active: Designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of your active senior horse.
  • Senior: Scientifically formulated to support the unique needs of senior horses and help support the aging immune system.


  • Competition: Highly researched nutrition for the high energy demands of hard-working equine athletes, allowing them to compete at their highest levels.
  • Growth: Scientifically formulated high-fat, high-fiber feed that supports the development and physiology necessary to produce a strong, healthy, athletic horse.


  • #100 Active Pleasure: A premium palatable sweet feed designed to keep mature, active pleasure horses looking great.
  • #200 Performance: Highly palatable, optimal performance nutrition for horses competing in any discipline.
  • #300 Growth: High-quality, high-fat nutrition for foals, with a precise blend of amino acids to promote smooth muscle growth and bone development.
  • #400 Complete Advantage: A complete sweet feed for performance and breeding horses, with forage built in. Contains no barley, oats or alfalfa.
  • #500 Competition: The energy and nutrition horses need to perform at their best throughout an entire event or to maintain their hardworking lifestyle.


  • Horse Feed: Purina® IMPACT® is formulated to deliver premium nutrition that fits in any budget, with high quality ingredients and formula appropriate for nearly any horse in any lifestage or any lifestyle.

Miniature Horse and Pony

  • Meets the unique nutritional needs of your miniature horses and ponies for growth, gestation, lactation, breeding and competition. Formulated for miniature horses and ponies

Race Ready

  • Race Horse: Give equine athletes that race-ready edge, with the calories and nutrients required for top speed and endurance.


  • L/S (low starch): A low-starch and low-sugar diet for horses with special needs. Formulated for horses that need a low-starch, low-sugar diet.
  • W/C (Weight Control): Satisfy your horses’ appetite and meet their nutritional needs, without adding extra weight. Formulated for overweight or obese horses.

Enrich Plus

  • Ration Balancing: A ration balancing feed designed to fill the protein, vitamin and mineral gaps in forage without extra calories. Formulated for mature horses that are able to maintain body condition on hay or pasture alone. Also appropriate for growing horses, stallions and early gestation mares that require concentrated nutrition.


  • Amino Acid Supplement: Targeted amino acid formulation for muscle performance, exercise capacity and recovery. Formulated for equine athletes of all ages in all disciplines.

Free Balance

  • 12:12 Vitamin and Mineral Supplement: The added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet. Available as a palatable granular mineral or block.

Hydration Hay

  • Blocks: The added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet. Available as a palatable granular mineral or block.

Purina Horse Treats

Show your love with Apple & Oat-Flavored Horse Treats. Your horses will love the size, shape and flavor of these yummy treats, and you’ll love their reaction!  Purina® Horse treats are a perfect nutritional complement to any horse feed, so you can feel good about rewarding (or just spoiling) all your equine children.

  • Carrot and oat
  • Nicker Makers
  • Apple and Oat
  • Berry Good Senior Horse Treats

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