Show Cattle Feed

  • Fitters Edge
    • A coarse-textured sweet feed. Fed with free-choice hay, this is a complete, balanced diet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle. It can be followed by feeding Honor® Show Chow® Finishing Touch® feed. It’s never too early to start thinking Winner’s Circle.
  • Finishing Touch
    • A coarse-textured sweet feed. Fed with free-choice hay, this is a complete, balanced diet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle during finishing. It can be preceded by feeding Honor® Show Chow® Fitter’s Edge® feed. Purple ribbons are spun from “Gold.” Learn the secret weapon of many serious show competitors and try Honor® Show  Chow® Finishing Touch® feed today.
  • Full Range
    • A course-textured sweet feed and fed with free-choice hay, Full Range™ feed helps promote feed intake, bloom and fill cattle fed for show. Full Range™ feed can be fed throughout the entire feeding program to young calves being prepped for sale, as well as, steers and heifers being fed for exhibition.
  • Grand 4-T-Fyer
    • A blended supplement that can be mixed with corn, oats, barley and beet pulp to provide a high energy ration for show cattle. This flexible feed allows you to adjust the grain level to  fit your goals and needs for breeding cattle, steers and feeder calves. Feed at  a 20% inclusion rate plus grain and forage.

Show Pig Feed

  • Prelude 209
    • Feed 2-5 lbs of Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE™ 209 to weaned pigs. This feed is designed to be fed to pigs weighing 12 to 16 lbs, but can be fed to heavier pigs.
  • Prelude 309
    • This feed is a phase 2 pig starter for pigs weighing 16 to 25 lbs. Nutrient dense and highly palatable to support intake and growth and get pigs on feed fast and looking great
  • Showpig 509
    • feed is designed for sale pigs weighing 25 lbs. and up. Honor® Show Chow®  SHOWPIG 509 can also be fed to newly-purchased young show pigs during the critical receiving phase when they are susceptible to health issues.
  • Showpig 709
    • This feed is designed for growing/ finishing show pigs weighing 50 lbs. and up. Honor® Show Chow® SHOWPIG 709 feed is a moderate protein, high energy feed formulated for ultra-modern show pigs needing muscle, cover and body.
  • FInale 809
    • feed is designed for growing/finishing show pigs needing muscle, cover and body from 100 lbs. all the way to show. Honor® Show Chow® FINALE™ 809 feed is a moderate protein, high energy feed developed for
      growing/developing/finishing show pigs.
  • Finale 909 (Magic Bullet)
    • New and improved Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 909 a.k.a. Magic Bullet™ feed is designed to be to finish show pigs weighing 50 lbs. to show. Reformulated to help produce a fuller, bigger, more robust appearance, new FINALE® 909 is best fed when preceded by a high fat diet, however this feed works well no matter what precedes it.  They once said there is no such thing as a Magic Bullet™ for getting into the show ring…they were wrong. Get your show pigs on new FINALE® 909 feed today and unleash your animal’s genetic potential.
  • Showpig Base
    • A flexible, variable inclusion rate concentrate containing complex protein sources and amino acids for making high quality nursery and show pig diets for pigs weighing 15 lbs and up. (A sow premix is also required as Showpig Base does NOT contain minerals or vitamins; use Ultracare HML, or Commercial Sow 100 premix).

Show Lamb Feed

  • Showlamb Creep DX
    • A complete pelleted feed designed for show lambs up to 75 lbs.  It is pelleted and medicated with Deccox® to prevent coccidiosis.
  • Flex Lamb TXT B30
    • Designed as a highly-palatable, textured feed, Honor® Show Chow® Flex Lamb TXT B30 provides greater fill producing fuller-appearing lambs. Flex Lamb TXT B30 feed can be fed to show lambs, replacement ewe lambs, rams and the entire breeding herd.
  • EXP 15 Pellet DX
    • Designed to help promote early intake and help with bloom in young lambs, Honor® Show Chow® EXP 15 pellet is a high-energy formula that will get the job done. Formulated with proprietary flavors to help improve palatability, EXP 15 Pellet DX can be fed to a wide variety of sheep including ewes and rams.
  • Showlamb Grower DX
    • A complete feed that provides a highly fortified source of vitamins and trace minerals, along with balanced energy and protein to allow sheep to achieve top show ring performance.
  • Grand Lamb Mixer DX
    • A blended supplement containing a pellet and steam rolled barley that can be mixed with corn, oats and molasses for “custom” high quality show lamb diets.

Show Goat Feed

  • Impulse Goat R20
    • is available as a complete pelleted feed medicated with Rumensin designed for show goats to help support rapid growth and support expressive muscle development.

Show Goat Feed

  • Not available in our region

High Octane Show Supplements

  • Power fuel
    • An advanced high-energy supplement for all classes of animals being fed and fitted for show. High Octane® Power Fuel® is designed to be fed as a topdress to supply additional energy.
  • Champion Drive
    • Designed to be fed from start to finish of the show animal project as a supplemental protein source.
  • Fitter 35
    • A supplement for all classes of animals that supports muscling and helps to trim body fat.
  • Showpig Paylean Premix
    • This is a medicated premix for use in showpig diets. It helps provide cutting-edge nutrition for the ultimate show look. It’s highly palatable, supports muscle development and trims fat and helps protect pads and hooves.
  • Depth Charge
    • An advanced nutritional supplement for all classes of animals being fed for show. It is designed to promote a full physical appearance.
  • Heavy Weight
    • An advanced, very high energy supplement for all classes of animals. It is extremely palatable and helps soften muscle and promotes healthy hair and skin.
  • PowerFill
    • High Octane® Powerfill® can be fed as part or as the sole daily diet for show pigs. High Octane® Powerfill® is formulated to help promote body condition while managing weight gain and maintaining muscle. High Octane® Powerfill® can also be used to supplement energy and protein by feeding 1 to 2 lbs./day along with the Honor® Show Chow® Showpig feeds
  • Ultra Full
    • High Octane® Ultra Full™ supplement is formulated to help support fill and lower body and flank areas through controlled, progressive expansion. Applicable to all show livestock species: cattle, pigs, lambs and goats.



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