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Marth Pellet Bedding

Absorbent and easy to clean with low-dust. Refined in our pellet mill, Marth Pellet Beddin..


Suncoast Large Flake Pine Shavings

SUNCOAST Pine Shavings Products include our original Large flake which is available in 10 or 12 cubi..


Highway Salt

Highway grade salt is a coarse mixture of all sizes ranging from 3/8" and smaller. Highway salt meet..


La Crosse Arcadia Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

Arcadia Kentucky Bluegrass turf seed was developed from a unique cross of Midnight and Limousine Ken..


La Crosse Big Ton XL Smooth Bromegrass Seed

Big Ton XL smooth bromegrass blend provides improved yield potential, disease resistance and forage ..


La Crosse Duration 3-Year Red Clover Seed

Duration Red Clover was developed to have excellent winter hardiness, high yields and disease resist..


La Crosse Endo-Graze XL Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass Seed

Endo-Graze XL is a blend of improved tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties. Best suited for short ..


La Crosse Haymate XL Orchardgrass Seed

Haymate XL is a blend of improved mid-late maturing varieties best-suited as a companion crop to alf..


La Crosse Orion XL Ladino Clover Seed

Forage First Orion XL ladino clover is excellent for pastures and hay, and is widely adapted to diff..


La Crosse Premium Brand Alfalfa Seed

Premium Brand alfalfa is a carefully selected brand of premium proprietary alfalfa chosen specifical..


La Crosse Seed Buck's Banquet Food Plot Seed

Brier Ridge Buck’s Banquet food plot mix attracts big bucks by providing them a mix of lush clovers,..


La Crosse Stargrazer XL Tall Fescue Seed

Stargrazer XL is a blend of improved endophyte-free tall fescue varieties that is medium in maturity..


La Crosse Tillage Radish Brassica

Tillage Radish brassica cover crop tubers and taproots reduce compaction and scavenge excess nutrien..


La Crosse Top Tim XL Timothy Seed

Top Tim XL timothy is an early maturing blend of timothy grasses. It is highly productive in norther..


La Crosse Winter Wheat Seed

Winter Wheat cover crop seed is a great cover or cash crop for catching excess nutrients (and nitrog..


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Solon Feed Mill is truly your one source for all of your ranch and farm supplies. We are the home of Acorn II Feeds, which offers a variety of large and small animal feeds, show feeds, custom feeds, wildlife feeds, as well as our famous wild birdseed. You'll also find an extensive line of waterers, feeders, stock tanks, and other ranch supplies.

Contact the friendly and experienced staff with questions about the products we offer. For a larger selection, visit us at our Solon or Fairfax store locations. We're here to help you find all of the farm and ranch supplies you need.