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Grilling Pellets

Bear Mountain Apple Flavored BBQ Wood Pellets

Our all-natural Apple pellets lighten things up with a subtle, sweet smokiness that beautifully flav..


Bear Mountain Bold BBQ Craft Blends Wood Pellets

Serve up the biggest, boldest Texas-style eats with our Bold BBQ Blend. Smoky, earthy and rich, its ..


Bear Mountain Cherry Flavored BBQ Wood Pellets

Our all-natural Cherry pellets add a sweet, fruity, inviting deliciousness to all your favorite meat..


Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend BBQ Wood Pellets

Our Gourmet BBQ pellets are the Pitmasters' favorite and perfect for every occasion. Whatever you’re..


Bear Mountain Hickory Flavored BBQ Wood Pellets

Our all-natural Hickory pellets bring a robust smokiness to beloved BBQ meats like ribs, butts and b..


Bear Mountain Maple BBQ Pellets Wood Pellets

Looking for a holiday crowd-pleaser? Choose our all-natural Maple pellets.  The flavor is mild ..


Bear Mountain Mesquite Flavored BBQ Wood Pellets

Our all-natural Mesquite pellets create a strong, earthy, uniquely bold smoky flavor that enhances e..


Bear Mountain Oak BBQ Wood Pellets

Tried and true, Oak pellets serve up the perfect balance of smooth, smoky flavor that blends well wi..


Bear Mountain Savory BBQ Craft Blends Wood Pellets

Our Savory BBQ Blend warms your senses and highlights the rich, natural flavor of your food. Savory ..


Bear Mountain Sweet BBQ Craft Blends Wood Pellets

Our smooth fruitwood blend brings out the finger-lickin' sweetness of your favorite BBQ meats, rubs ..


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Find the grill supplies you need at Solon Feed Mill. We proudly carry quality grill pellets from Bear Mountain, as well as a variety of grilling accessories. We also offer top of the line Pit Boss Grills in our store. 

Contact the friendly and experienced staff at our Solon or Fairfax locations with questions. We're here to help you find the products you need for your outdoor lifestyle.