Feeding Show Pigs: Basic Show Pig Nutrition

Nutrition for show pigs can be as simple or as complex as the pig dictates. Unfortunately, there is no one method to feeding show pigs headed for the show ring and consistently compete at a high level. There are many factors that influence how a pig is fitted for...

The Great Plains News Feed

Current Status of Parasite Resistance in US Cattle Donald H. Bliss1 , PhD, Robert D. Moore2 , MS and William G. Kvasnicka3 , DVM; 1 Veterinary Parasitologist, MidAmerica Ag Research, 3705 Sequoia Trail, Verona, WI 53593; 2 College of Agricultural, Biotechnology &...

The Latest Across the Plains

The Latest Across the Plains Timely Reminders Keep pens box scraped. Haul manure whenever possible.  your calving facilities and OB equipment ready. Have the right mineral for your cows’ stage of production. Prepare now so your Hi-mag and Fly control minerals are on...

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